She writes a song at the time of world-end.

Time for evacuation to the space is coming. But Meme Ishigami still stands at rooftop of her school.

"This song could be my last composing song."

Now she suffers from how she should face with her last song.

The time is coming. After she met her friend Koko, family and inner herself, her mind gradually moves to create music again.


image of Light There

Compleated in 2018. Now in progress!


30 miniuts anime work. Created by an individual animator, Shusei Katagiri.




director, script, animation, music, SE

Shusei Katagiri




character voice casting

coming soon



Meme Ishigami

A young girl who loves composing music (DTM).

Learnt DTM and playing instruments on her own.


Koko Takeda

An independent singer who really really love to be with Meme.

Occasionally, she takes part in Meme's works.


Meme's family

Dad, mom, big bro and Meme. Adopting hands-off style a bit.